Design work:

Data Collection and Site inspection:
- Site Survey , Review of existing facilities drawings

Basic Drawings:
- Issuing Basic drawings with the engineering solution alternatives

Design Calculation and Drawings:
- Issuing Design calculation, Design Drawings, Drawing list and revision control

Budget Estimation:
- Estimate primary budget of the project, based on selected design proposal

Tender Documents:

  • Recommended Tenders list
  • Tender invitation
  • General conditions
  • Special condition
  • Bill of Quantity
  • Technical Specification and standards
  • Drawings

Pre Contract Documents:

  • Tenders Inquires
  • Tenders Safety record Evaluation.
  • Tenders Technical Evaluation.
  • Tenders Financial Evaluation.
  • Successful Tender and recommended price report

Contract Documents:

  • Award Notification
  • Form of Agreement
  • Contract General conditions
  • Contract Special condition
  • Contract Bill of Quantity
  • Contract Technical Specification and standards
  • Contract Drawings

Contract Management and Site Supervision:

  • Safety and Environment control
  • Site Work supervision: Work permission, Material inspection, Workmanship inspection, Work procedures inspection, inspection test plan, and inspection check list.

Contract Administration:

- Material approval, Method statement approval, Time schedule follow up, Progress reports, Invoice review and approval, Client Monthly reports.

Taking over and provisional acceptance:

  • Punch List, Non-complete work , Compilation form
  • As built Drawings and certificate files
  • Taking Over Certificate (TOC).

Final Acceptance

  • Punch list
  • Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC)
  • Close of contract