Earth work:
Excavation, Site leveling, Compaction, road base and Sub base work, Culverts, Rock armored works… etc

Implementations and Green areas, Irrigation system, Drainage system, Decorative lighting, Asphalt roads, paving areas, parking… etc

Concrete works:
Reinforced concrete, Plain concrete, Grouting, Form works… etc

Insulation works:
Foundation insulation, Water proofing, Proof insulation, Heat insulation… etc

Partition and cladding:
Brick work, steel sheet cladding, decorative partitions, masonry, etc

Steel structure work:
Steel structure work, anchors bolts, sand blasting, steel painting, grating, handrail, ladder… etc

Fences and gates:
Steel fences and gates designing, erection, manufacturing, fabrication, posts and accessories galvanization… etc

Architecture finishing works:
Painting, flooring, raised floor, wooden and aluminum doors, windows, sanitary works (indoor and outdoor), plumbing work (indoor and outdoor), false ceiling …etc

Electrical work:
Lighting (indoor and outdoor), power cable, distribution panel, power sockets and switches, data cables and accessories….etc

HVAC work: Central system, window/ split HVAC units, fans and air handling units …etc

Fire alarm and fire fighting system:
Fire fighting systems and piping, sprinklers, fittings, fire alarm devices, network alarms, monitoring… etc

Special Construction :
Fire rated buildings and blast proof buildings.