Vision & History


Micon has been well established in the civil Design & construction field since 1995. We at Micon are totally committed to care for our clients wherever they are using the best practices of both quality and safety measures. Being fully trusted from our clients, we have successfully participated on construction of some of the biggest efficient industrial projects ever done in Egypt.

Micon has always cared for the quality, customer satisfaction and above all safety requirements. The company top management is totally committed to business obligations, continuously improving of the effectiveness of its quality management system, work procedures via the required resources, training and constant review of their implementation. Over 200 of highly trained workers with the support of our experienced managers help in getting our products done at excellent quality. Workers in Micon learned over the years to consider themselves as one part of the Micon family .The Micon family spirit was always the reason behind the progress and growth of the company.

our appreciable technique and performance helps us gaining the trust of several international companies while participating at the development of Egypt industrial projects.

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